The Exclusive range of Grounding & Bonding Products, Lightning Protection System, Electrical Earthing - Electrical Wiring Products and accessories is very wide.

Lightning is a phenomenon that looks awesome but is very dangerous cause a single second of lightning striking to earth can be of 1 sec but, the amount of electrical energy it discharges in each second could be from few amps to over 100,000 or even 200,000 amps. The danger part can be calculated itself how much destruction can be caused by a single millisecond strike.

A reliable Lightning Protection is thus needed to ensure the best of safety everywhere for office, home, malls, factories, etc...

At Indigo Metalcraft we are always working to provide the best of Products that once installed gives you the best of protection from this unwanted phenomenon and giving you a peace of mind.

Talking about the products used to provide safety and security from this phenomenon can be divided basically into: Grounding and Bonding Products, Lightning Protection Systems, Conductors, Earthing Accessories, etc..


  • ISO Metric (MM Threads)

  • BA Threads

  • BSW Threads

  • UNC & UNF Threads

  • As Per Customers Requirements

  • Material

  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or

  • Free Cutting Brass As Per BS 249 Type (I) or

  • High Grade Free Cutting Brass

  • Any Special Brass Material Composition As Per Customers Requirement

  • Platting

  • Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or Any Coating As Per Customer Specification

  • Any kind of Earthing Accessories Can be Developed As Per Customers Specifications.